It’s time to move on, no?

Monarchy is outdated. Let’s face it. Inheriting titles and positions in Europe in 2023 seems out of pace with time.

Not that I have anything personal against the royals of Europe. I grew up in Norway, a monarchy whose members have caused very little scandal and controversy, expect the current king insisting on marrying the love of his life, despite the fact she was a “commoner”. Back in the days, that was sort of a huge thing, and he had to wait nine years for approval of his choice. Nowadays, nobody really lifts an eyebrow.

I like the Norwegian royal family, but still I find the institution of monarchy to be outdated. I find the concept of being born into a job, sort of, bizarre. And evidently many royals would rather prefer to live an anonymous life, doing something they have talent and interest for, instead of cutting ribbons and being chased by the paparazzi. I don’t blame them.

After watching “Harry and Meghan” on Netflix, I was down at the local commercial centre, and I was actually thinking about how wonderful it is to be able to walk around in peace and quiet, doing my things, without having to put on a disguise or being closely followed by bodyguards and paparazzi.

Recently, or should I say currently, there has been a bit of controversy evolving around the Norwegian Princess Martha Louise. She is engaged to a shaman, no less. An American, who had to be explained the dos and don’ts when it comes to interacting with a royal family. It’s been no secret that Princess Martha Louise has never been fully comfortable with her royal role, and she has established herself on the side-lines of the royal family. Despite the current controversy regarding her role, it’s nothing compared to what members of the British royal family has to put up with.

No other European royal family is even close to the endless chase of them, and I feel truly sorry for people who has to put up with this sort of thing.

Yes, they do live very privileged lives, but at what cost? A golden cage is still a cage. Family disputes and ruptures are still family disputes and ruptures, but the rest of us can deal with things like this way out of constant spotlight and public speculations. Like your parents’ divorce or your mother’s death at a way too young age are not enough to cope with, and then you have to put on a brave face and parade in front of thousands of people in the streets, and millions more in front of their tv-screens at her funeral. Who envies that?

I admit that I have, from early age on, read my part of articles and looked to probably thousands of photos of royals in magazines and online. As a little girl I was of course fascinated by the beautiful queens and princesses in their wonderful dresses and smart outfits. But the older I become, the sorrier I feel for them. They never asked for this attention. It just so happens that they were born into these families, who are supposed to represent a nation and unite it.

There are enough people out there who want to be in the spotlight. Movie stars, pop stars, politicians, and a bunch of others. Let them have the spotlight. They aim for it, they want it. And leave the others alone, at least give them some privacy when they are not representing their country. No matter how much we crave attention, we all need a fair bit of privacy as well.

I’m sure there are royals who would not change their position for anything in the world. They are not accustomed to a less privileged life, and less splendid surroundings. Other royals seem to have dreamed of getting out of the whole thing from the moment they realized what they were born into.

In any case, I find that time has caught up with the monarchy as institution. It’s time to abolish it, and to take on a more modern constitution.

No offence to anyone, I hold nothing against you royals personally. But inheriting a position from your ancestors seems way out of date. Even for such a jolly, grand-father-like king as Norwegian King Harald V and his heir, Crown Prince Haakon. No matter how jovial I find him, and his wife Crown Princess Mette-Marit, I think time’s up for the monarchy. I’m sure their daughter will be just as happy with a different kind of meaningful job in the future. As will several other royals who are still in their early years.


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